Sales Management Coaching a Winning Sales Team is not about managing sales it’s about managing the people who achieve the sales forecast and having a Coaching plan based on developing each individual’s Micro Selling Skills.

Achieve this and you will develop a Winning Sales Team that consistently exceed your sales forecast year in year out.

Sales Managers cannot be present when every sales opportunity is identified, qualified, demonstrated, closed and during each of these phases see the sales process that either won the business or caused it to be lost.

However by spending time with their salespeople identifying the Micro Selling Skills that need to be improved it become possible to develop a skills coaching plan that will improve sales performance.coaching a winning sales team

Did you know that a 10% improvement in Micro Selling Skills will deliver a 30% improvement is sales.

An over reliance of products like CRM that report Macro Events (outcomes) is not now nor will they ever measure the Micro events, the salesperson’s selling skills, storytelling, oral communication skills, telephone skills, listening skills, written communications skills, prospecting skills, to mention but a few. Only a Sales Manager who observes these Micro Events can see first hand why these actions win or lose business.

You cannot fix what is broken until you know its broken, and that means you have to be present when it breaks.

A one size fits all Coaching plan will never work

Rather a coaching plan for each person in the sales team isCoaching a Winning Sales Team required to help improve the Micro Events that happen in every one of their engagements with suspects/prospects/customers.

You have the capacity to change lives, to develop people, to guide and direct careers, if that were not true then you would not be reading this comment or have visited this website. Focus on your people, not on achieving forecast or profits and I promise you the rewards will just be enormous!

Do that, and you will “Achieve and Consistently Exceed Your Sales Forecast” year in year out!

My book will provide you with the ideas and methodologies I used to achieve a 180% increase in hardware sales in just one year and resulted in me winning the Australian Sales Manager of the Year.

Sales Management Coaching

Coaching a Winning Sales Team

Coaches coach from the sideline, they don’t run onto the field and make tackles for their players (as much as they might like too) and you will never see a coach teaching a player how to tackle, pass the ball, score, create a gap or convert a try.

Coaches measure the on the filed performance of each player and from that develop a coaching plan for each player.

As a Sales Coach, your role is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the following selling skills for each member of the sales team and define a coaching strategy that improves these Micro Selling Skills.

  1. Storytelling Skills
  2. Oral Communication Skills
  3. Telephone Skills
  4. Listening Skills
  5. Written Communications Skills
  6. Prospecting Skills
  7. Objection Handling Skills
  8. Closing Skills

A selling skills improvement of just 10% across any three of these skills will deliver a 30% improvement in the volume of business your sales team close.

I proved this when the national sales team I managed achieved 180% growth in hardware sales over the previous year as a result of the small changes we made to the Micro Selling Skills of each member of the sales team.